Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New approach needed

The site "Íslenska á eigin spýtur" has not  turned out to be a success.  The idea was to get foreigners in small communities in Iceland to create their own learning environment through social-media.  In the beginning things looked promising and the group chosen to try out the project thought this was an excellent idea.
Even though the participants liked the idea no one used the site so the project as it was intended.  As we have been trying to figure out why the main conclusion is that the participants newer owned the concept.  A better approach would have been to let the participants create their own site or space online where they would interact and learn from each other.  In the year to come we will try with another group of participants and combine the social media aspect of this project with the implementation of a new teaching method called "flipped classrom".
Hopefully the combination of these two methods will make the project a success.

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