Monday, June 13, 2011

Our work with Boklådan

We decided to use Facebook because it´s so well known and our library already use it. We have a number of followers who are interested in our activities and our work. We made a new Facebook account for Boklådan and invited all the followers of the Library Facebook. Then we found out about and now we use that because when we write something on Tumblr it also shows on Facebook and Twitter at the same time. We also have a link from the website of the Library so you can easily find Boklådan from there. We made a marketing plan to follow so that people in our community should know about Boklådan. The local newspapers came and wrote about the project, we made posters, we talked with our users and we wrote about it on our website. When we begin to do small films about books we use Photo Story 3. It´s easy to use when you want to work with pictures and sound. We look forward to work with Boklådan and it will be interesting to see how our users are going to use it.

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